Teen Job Skills for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Grades


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Many teenagers will be entering into the work force. Applying and searching for that first job can be overwhelming. These employment readiness activities are designed to decrease the stress of the job search and help your students stay on track.

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These job skills are one of my top selling resources in my store. It includes an interactive table of contents; click on the link to go to the page within the document.

Job-related lesson plans: How to Get Started, Interest Inventory, Job Search Tips, Social Media, Job Application Tips, Application Process, References, Preparing for the Job Interview, First Impressions, Dressing for the Job Interview, Interview Tips, Common Interview Questions, You’re Hired-Tips for the Job, and Future Goals.

This product includes these employment readiness activities:

  • Interest Inventory– Write about personal interests, hobbies, soft job skills, and hard job skills.
  • Job Search Activity– Find jobs and then write down the contact information.
  • Sample Job Application– Practice filling out a two-page sample job application.
  • Sample Personal Information Sheet– Practice completing a document that includes all of your personal data and job experiences.
  • Resume Activity- Read a sample resume. Practice writing your personal resume and then type it.
  • Interview Questions Activity– Write down your strengths, weaknesses, and facts about yourself.
  • Future Goals Activity– Write down your future goals and plans. What will you do with the money that you earn from your job?

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