Feelings, Emotions, and Social Skills Bundle for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades


Total Pages: 261

Students often have difficulty interpreting their feelings and need strategies to help them cope with the situation. Help your students become effective problem solvers and improve their behaviors in your classroom. This resource will help students interpret body language, facial expressions, body postures, and tone.

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This bundle includes the following social skill resources:

  • Feelings and Emotions Activity Packet
  • Feelings and Emotions Activity Packet Part 2
  • Physical Emotions Activity Packet
  • Detective Strategies for Social Skills
  • Problem Solving Scenarios
  • Cell Phone Emotions
  • Feelings and Emotions Flashcards

Discusses the following emotions: Sad, Mad, Shy, Anxious, Angry, Confused, Silly, Frustrated, Upset, Nervous, Proud, Bored, Curious, Disappointed, Furious, Embarrassed, Excited, Grumpy, Scared, Puzzled, Cheerful, Playful, and Timid.

Discusses the following physical emotions: hot, cold, strong, tearful, alert, tired, satisfied, sick, hungry, and thirsty.

Written expression: Students also create their own mini book, answer comprehension questions, write their own “I feel” statements, and learn about character analysis.

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