Connecting customers
to products

Through face to face connections with consumers, we can educate the customers of the benefits of your product.

The North Point Executives:

Positioning Brands for Results

Are you looking for advertising that delivers results?

With The North Point Executives, you’ll find a partner that believes we can achieve success together. We will place your brand inside fortune 500 retailers to develop a brand customers can trust. In the last nine months alone, we have generated 1.8 million dollars of revenue for our clients. Now that is results.

Our customer product interactions are one-of-a-kind moments with the individuals who are most interested in your product. The North Point Executives’ team will professionally showcase your product and through the use of genuine conversation, the consumer can make an educated decision on their own.

You’ll connect better with customers when you partner with The North Point Executives. We’ll be your link to a ready to buy audience and showcase your product in a way that builds sales and keeps your success going strong.

The North Point Executives’

Strategy for Success

We believe it’s not just about the work, but the team that is behind the work – it’s all about the people you employ. Our professionals will treat your brand as if it was their own. Our employees are what make The North Point Executives the number one marketing firm in Wisconsin. When looking for future business partners at NPE, we look for certain core values to make sure they mesh within our culture and they share the same vision with us. Here is a list of our core values that we look for:


The leaders of our company come in passionate about setting goals and accomplishing them daily. We value someone who’s passionate about what they are learning and executing every goal they set.



As a team, we value being honest and having integrity with each other. We believe in being critical of our company standard and keeping our standards high. Our team is open about challenges and weaknesses. We value our employees because we know we can always improve.


Problem Solver

We value team members that are adaptable and flexible. We believe in having an entrepreneurial mindset and taking responsibility in our actions. We enjoy teaching like-minded people to solve a problem, rather than just find a problem.


We believe being accountable for our actions for both successes and failures. Our team is open to feedback from leadership and we have a strong open door policy. If someone does not understand, it is up to them to reach out and ask questions.


Our team is upper echelon. Our people are excited to go above and beyond professionally and personally. Whether it’s in new collateral, higher revenue, our training program or event swag, we maintain a high standard.


We attract those that have an entrepreneurial spirit and are excited to grow aggressively. We’re looking for those that want to become a long-term partner and help us launch a larger client list. We are looking for team members that want to help small businesses grow and be part of their success.