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Positive Self Esteem Activities by The Artsy SLP

Welcome to the world of the Super Kids! The main purpose of this activity is to help increase the positive self esteem of your students.

From my experience, most students have difficulty listing their strengths. For many students, if you ask them the open-ended question, “What are  you good at?” or “What are your talent?” they will either respond with an “I don’t know” OR use the same 1 to 2 responses for each question. This activity is designed to foster and encourage self esteem for all students.

There’s a Super Kid in you!

Students personalize a 14 page mini book by writing their own attributes in response to the statements. Each page in the Mini Book provides a space for students to include their own attributes.

Create a Mini Book

Students further personalize their books by choosing one Super Kid (4 girls and 4 boys) to represent them. Then they glue that picture to the first page of their books.

Choose a Super Kid







Attribute Statements in the Mini Book include:

• Talents                             • Favorite school subjects
• Who I like to help         • Favorite activities
• Favorite color                 • How I like to work
• Free time                         • Favorite food
• What I can do well        • What I’m proud of



Super Kid Certificates



Use the certificates to further boost the positive self-esteem of your students. Help them to feel confident about their strengths and know that they are super in many ways. Certificates may also be used for reinforcements for other activities.




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